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Holiday cottage by the lake Jämijärvi, Finland

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Rent free-time house in "Paradise"!


1.) A trip with reindeer draught could be a nice surprise, too!

2.) Picking mushrooms in Finnish forest. Or why not blackberries

3.) A wetland – what is it? Passing a short walk by wooden duckboards you can see carnivore plants, eat an exotic game meal

4.) Snowcat safari… for those wanting exciting experiences and speed – those who want challenge themselves…

5.) A moonlight bath admiring stars making snowangels in wintertime. Absolute beauty, absolute peace.

6.) Finnish are a folk of fire. The living fire like candles, campfires , ancient signfires , paganous celebrations with fires bring the light in our way of life in middle of long and cold winter. The living fire has a very warm significance and watching a fire you make a return to something very ancient in our mind...

7.) Summer midnight - you can read the newspaper outside…or have a bath in a warm water of a lake in nightime…

8.) Smoke Sauna…. The right and original Finnish sauna; it must be heated for a whole day and it’s a exotic demostration of a very special construction style – a mix of superstition, old traditions and return to know your mental forces… Or why not a peat sauna, honey sauna, herb sauna, ritual sauna, wedding sauna… candle sauna… ecophysical sauna…and your body and soul feels good.

9.) Flying on wilderness – just gliding in air with a professional pilot and admiring the natural scenery under you – having the freedom in soul and around you!

10.) Ruska-period in autumn ; the world is coloured by red, yellow, orange – innumerous shades of nature – The end of September – first part of October can tell you fabulous natural stories.

11.) Construct a home to a bird. You can help the birds to nest and to have a safe place for their small ones. With some pieces of wood you can construct a birhome and give to it your name – and put it in a tree in forest – a small help for you winged friends…

Some more information regarding our nature and zone you can obtain English version and for touristic information just contact [email protected] or visiting where you can find a selection of our touristic offer and fishing vacation packages and much more!

Rent free-time house in "Paradise"!