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Holiday cottage by the lake Jämijärvi, Finland

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Rent free-time house in "Paradise"!


In our area there are plenty of cultural happenings; some of them mentioned:

Sata-Häme Soi – International accordation festival (one of most great in Europe) in June-July (Ikaalinen)

Art Festivo – Art event in April (Parkano-Karvia)

North Satakunta International Week in January (Kankaanpää- all the zone) – All over Internationality Festival

Willi Kansa in November – theater festival (Karvia)

Ramppikuume – in April – Theater festival for young and children (Kankaanpää)

Pohjois-Satakunnan taideviikko – Artistic Week of Pohjois-Satakunta ,September (Kankaanpää)

Saunafestivaalit – Festival of Sauna (Ikaalinen)

Pori Jazz Festival (Pori) – International Jazz Festival

and very many other sport occasions

Rent free-time house in "Paradise"!